Monthly Archive: November 2014

Nov 28

Buying rugs online

Buying Rugs Online People are always looking for ways to modernise, update or improve how their home looks and feels, and there are so many ways you can achieve this, from furniture to wall decorations to rugs and ornaments. One of the most popular ways is to look for rugs for sale online. More and …

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Nov 21

Keeping your shag rugs clean

There is no doubt about it, when you have a shag rug you want to take good care of it so that unique appearance and so soft feeling will stay – and to achieve this you just need to take care of your shaggy rugs. You will be happy to know that cleaning and caring …

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Nov 17

Shaggy Rugs In Your Home

When you want to decorate your home one of fastest ways to add some style and comfort to your home is with the use of shaggy rugs. A shaggy rug is the perfect floor rug to add a spot of colour to the room that is fun to look at – and nice to walk …

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Nov 10

Caring for Oriental floor rugs

Oriental floor rugs create a very inviting and warm feel for your home, the intricate designs have been around for centuries and many are rich in history that add a touch of elegance to any room in your house. Today we share with you a few tips on how to care for your Oriental floor …

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Nov 03

Floor Area Rugs

Floor Area Rugs For decades rugs have been a part of every home, from in the living room to beside the bed. Floor carpet rugs can be used to both add colour to a bare room or to cover noisy floors. It doesn’t matter where you want to use rugs as long as it goes …

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