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Cleaning Wool Rugs


Cleaning Wool Rugs

Wool rugs are a great addition to your home, they are durable and when cared for properly they can last you a life time., Yet, like with all rugs, they will eventually get dirty. We are here to provide some tips to help keep your wool rug in tip top shape!

Cleaning your wool rugs isn’t usually very hard because the common sizes of wool rugs should make them easier to manage. Of course, there can be times when cleaning rugs can be challenging; especially if your large floor area rug is a wool rug. This is because, in general, wool rugs are a lot heavier than other rugs. This makes them harder to maneuver when dealing with larger sizes, which can make it hard to clean it properly. A good indicator of whether you have properly cleaned your wool rug or not is the ‘Smell’ that an unclean wool rug commonly emits.

Here are Scattermats tips to cleaning your wool rug.

  • Clean your wool rugs regularly. This will stop dirt from settling into the rug, and is very important. You can easily achieve this by simply running your vacuum cleaner over it or taking it outside and giving it a dust off. Don’t clean just the top of your rug, when vacuuming turn it over and dust underneath the rug as well, as often dirt and dust will build up here. Do this at least every two weeks, and it will keep your rug clean as a whistle!
  • Apart from regular dusting, it’s a good idea to deep clean your rug every now and then. A good way to achieve this is via a professional rug cleaner. We highly recommend calling in a professional or hiring a steam cleaner rather than do the job yourself at your own risk. However, if you feel confident in doing it yourself, remember to use a good chemical free detergent if possible AND to dry the rug thoroughly. You don’t want that ‘Smell’ coming back, maybe a good idea to test the product on a corner first to see if it causes any dis-colourations etc!
  • If your rug has a stain, you need to fix the issue as soon as possible, the quicker the better. If something has been spilled, use a cloth to absorb all the liquid first. Then, using a solution of water and detergent and a fresh cloth, apply it gently to the stained area. Do not scrub at the area, as it can damage the rug!

Wool rugs can be expensive, taking good care of them and cleaning them properly is very important to their longevity. Wool rugs can be sensitive, so don’t scrub them if you can avoid it as it can damage the fabric. Scattermats are here to answer any questions and make sure your wool rugs are looked after in the best possible way. We even suggest and supply our own brand of rug protector spray and all natural spot cleaner (Scattermats Rug Guard and Scattermats All Natural Rug Magic Spot Cleaner)! Cleaners can damage the colour and fabric of wool rugs or leave the rug fibers crusty, so you have to be careful with what you use.

We hope this article has been of use! If you are looking for a wool rug to fill your home, and looking for the right kind of care once its bought, then we can help guide you in the right direction!