Mar 26

New Arrival of Self-Stick Vinyl Floor Tiles and Vinyl Rolls


New Arrival of Self-Stick Vinyl Floor Tiles and Vinyl Rolls

Our brilliant new range of Self-Stick Vinyl Floor Tiles and Vinyl Rolls are now in! Coming in up to 8 different colours for the Tiles (5 for the Rolls!), there is plenty to pick and choose from! Perfect for any decor, these can easily be used to create under-foot cushioning, reducing pressure pain from prolonged standing on cold sub-floors. You can even lay these over the top of old timber or chipboard floors! Coming in a Budget Roll or cartons of smaller, singular Tiles, there is something for any occasion!

The smaller, Singular Self-Stick Tiles come in 2 separate sizes, and 8 different designs! Coming in squares of 457mm and 305mm, these sizes are small enough that you can personally customize any floor with any pattern you desire. Paired with designs such as the classic black and white or even imitation wood panel, it will be easy to find exactly what you are looking for. These hard-wearing, Singular Tiles are made from PVC Vinyl for added durability and flexibility, so that you can place them exactly as needed and not have to worry about  replacing them for some time.

Self Stick Vinyl Floor Tile Black WhiteSelf Stick Vinyl Floor Tile ChestnutSelf Stick Vinyl Floor Tile Slate

Yet Singular Tiles are not the only thing available! If you don’t have the time to lay each individual tile, then we have the Budget Roll on offer! Coming in 183cm wide and 25m long, as well as with 5 designs, this roll is perfect for covering larger areas while leaving no gaps. Just as hard-wearing and stain resistant as the Singular Tiles, these rolls are perfect for flooring any type of room, and are even better for event areas! Temporary or permanent, the Budget Roll is easy to move or install, given its flexibility!

Have a look online or in-store today, and don’t wait to add either of these magnificent Vinyl Tiles or Rolls to your home or event!