Mar 12

New Range of Kids Activity Play-Mats Arriving Soon


New Range of Kids Activity Play-Mats Arriving Soon

A brand new range of Activity Play-Mats for Kids will be arriving soon! Perfect for any parent looking to add a bit of extra fun to their child’s play area, these modern design rugs will be a great addition to any kids’ room. With an impressive range of coloured designs, it won’t be hard to find one to suit any room! Both the Hopscotch Animals Play-Mat and Pink City Road Road Rug are perfect examples suited for all developing children! Ideal for all different kinds of play activity; all of this range is extremely low maintenance, being anti-static, moth proof, colour fast, non-shedding and best of all affordable. What more do you need!

These bright coloured rugs are a must have for any family. Each of these designs will catch the eyes of any looking to give their Play Rooms a bit of detail! Coming in many different designs, there is plenty of chances to fill out any kind of room. But catching the eye isn’t the only thing these rugs are capable of! This range also has the added benefit of being rubber-backed, so as to prevent slipping on hard surface, as well as being easily cleanable! Just hose off any mess and leave it in the shade to dry. Easy!

Pink City Play MatAnimal Hopscotch Play Mat

These absolutely fantastic rugs are made up of the highest quality synthetic material; using a polypropylene yarn, with each edge over-locked to prevent fraying. This use of a synthetic polypropylene yarn enables the bright and colorful designs to be printed straight on to the rug, allowing for a much wider range of both Educational Play Mats and Road Rugs. This range is also made so that the vibrant colours do not run or fade, giving an extended lifetime to the rug itself!

Have a look online or in-store today, and don’t wait to add these magnificent to your home!